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Hold The Line” is a gaming advocacy group, but after what I have seen I would call them a gaming advocacy community! With over 1400 unique visits a day and a global site rank of 259,037 and a rank of 87,182 in the USA to date and a page speed score of 84/100 it is a very well-built and taken care of site. I enjoyed my time there and all of this was made possible by Victoria Cooper AKA Syrin a follower we have over on Twitter. so sit back and enjoy the read.


Victoria Cooper is a PhD student at the University of Leeds, UK. She is also the Chief of Staff at where she’s known as Syrin. She loves PC gaming, science, etymology, and tea.

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HTL200x300We have spent a good bit of time on the site and we love it! the community is great the articles are amazing the videos blew us away and everything was designed and built with one thing in mind “KEEPING THE INDUSTRY HONEST” but mainly the community we are proud to be able to bring this awesome community to ours, Don’t worry you will always be able to find them just use the link in top left of the site “Sites We Troll” and you will find them.

So make sure to head over and join their community and if you plan on heading to GaymerX stop by their both and say hey.

Mission Statement

Hold the Line is a gaming advocacy community that aims to create change within the gaming industry, the gaming community and the gaming press. We work to nurture a supportive, mature community and to give gamers the means to become informed, active consumers. We will provide consumers and developers alike with an open platform for discussion, as well as publicising issues within the gaming industry and related press.


Hold the Line has always been about gaming advocacy, launched on March 24, 2012 as gaming advocacy site. Our first success was in providing a forum for discussion, drawing attention to and helping to drive campaigns for the Retake Mass Effect movement.

Amidst the Mass Effect 3 debacle the site quickly gained an erroneous reputation for being merely a Mass Effect subcommunity. HTL’s remit is much broader; we are a wide community of gamers seeking to prevent practices in gaming we see as unjust or harmful.

The community at HTL is warm and receptive and welcomes gamers from around the world, regardless of nationality, orientation, race or ideology. Our core values are civility, respect and positivity. – Read more

We hope you enjoyed reading about HTL and their community, If you want to stay updated you can follow them below.



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Resources and the Q&A.

Who started HTL and what put the plan into motion?

Hold The Line was originally devised in 2010 by a think tank group that gamed together and wanted to do something to promote gamer advocacy in the gaming industry. Heading this up was an ex-Airborne Army Ranger, Rescue Diver and Software Engineer known as Volion, a gamer with dreams of helping other gamers find their voice as consumers.

In March 2012 gamers were drawn into one of the biggest gaming industry controversies in recent years. A basic version of the site was rushed into service to give the Retake Mass Effect community a place to share resources, communicate, and organise. This is how I came to be involved with HTL, and I haven’t looked back!

Since then,we’ve set out wider goals and continued to develop the site into the original concept. We are now working to create a network of informed gamers, and to provide them with the resources and the confidence to create positive change within the gaming industry and community.

How many people contribute to the community?

HTL has over 4000 registered members and our community is continually growing. We currently have 14 team members creating ‘official’ content for the site, from news, to artwork, to game reviews, as well as a huge number of awesome folks who contribute to the forum and who really are the heart of the community.

To date how many visits does the site currently get in a day?

We currently average ~2500 daily visits with ~1500 unique visitors per day, and in the last thirty days we’ve had a total of 44,160 unique visitors. All of our site metrics are available onsite and on our Alexa profile. Watching the site grow makes me immensely proud nd I’m really glad that people are enjoying the content we’re putting out.

What are the plans for HTL in the months to come?

HTL currently produces articles and game reviews in both written and video format. We also produce a weekly news video and a fortnightly gaming podcast. We’ve recently expanded our operations to include written news articles so people can get all their latest gaming and industry updates onsite.

We’ve got lots of exciting ideas lined up for 2013; one of our projects for the first part of the year is Operation: We Are Gamers, in which we call upon gamers to make a video of themselves and explain who they are and why they love gaming in order to shatter the awful gamer stereotypes that persist in the media and in society. We’re going to stand up for the medium we love and tell the world that everybody games and that we are not a stereotype. Voice actor Mark Meer, game designer Chris Avellone, and MMObomb editor-in-chief Mike Byrne (as well as some stellar HTLers) have already contributed text and video, so we’re really excited and enthusiastic about this project.

Later this year HTL will be attending GaymerX (formerly GaymerCon) in San Francisco. We’ve got our own booth and we’re planning the adventure as a community, so everyone’s welcome to get involved. If you can make the trip we’d love to see you there!

What would you like to tell our readers?

Hi readers, thank you for reading! If you like what you’ve heard then you’re most welcome to come check us out. If you’re after more than just news and articles, check out our forums; they really do have something for everyone.

For the members of HTL, thank you for being part of what we do and for generally being awesome. Everything we accomplish is a team effort and HTL would be nothing without the fantastic community. I’m truly excited to be going forward with you guys in building HTL.

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