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We’re Going To Take You To The Beach… Turtle Beach

We have been going through a crazy time following up from hurricane Sandy, But finally the beaches are clear and we are ready to tell you about Turtle Beach Wireless Headset’s.

Over the last few weeks we have been trying out the Turtle Beach XP300 at 169.95 the price is a little high for your average gamer but it is well worth the price!.


The Turtle Beach XP300 have amazing sound great range very easy to setup and the best part IT’S WIRELESS!! we have spent hours using them. We used them for gaming, Listening to Music and I even had a few phone conversations on them and with every application we used the sound quality was amazing!.


The XP300 is a premium, high-performance stereo gaming headset featuring wireless Xbox LIVE® chat and a state-of-the-art 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi radio that virtually eliminates wireless interference. A rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of play on a single charge, and its dual-pairing Bluetooth® technology lets you chat wirelessly on Xbox 360® or PS3™ and answer mobile phone calls while gaming.

Equipped with multiple EQ and sound field expander presets, the XP300 allows gamers to enhance sound cues and customize audio settings for different gaming scenarios. Massive 50mm speakers with acoustically tuned ear cups and breathable mesh ear cushions deliver the ultimate in audio fidelity and extreme comfort. If you’re serious about gaming, then get serious about the sound. Step up to the XP300 and experience game audio like never

 Q&A with Turtle Beach


What inspired you to create the XP300’s?

The XP300 is part of our XP series which our premium product line including the XP300, XP400 and XP500. The XP300 is a wireless gaming workhorse. It has several high-end features that make it ideal for wireless gaming and brings them together in a high-quality headset for well under $200.

  • To achieve true wireless chat the XP300 uses an XBA Bluetooth adaptor that plugs into a wireless Xbox 360 controller which then connects to the headset using the Bluetooth connection. Many wireless headsets require a cable between the controller and the headset to accomplish this. And since we included Bluetooth for wireless chat, we made sure you could also use it to answer phone calls while gaming.
  • Dual-Band wireless automatically switches between the 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies to eliminate interference from other wireless devices in your home. With more and more wireless devices entering the home this is an important feature.
  • Wireless headsets can churn through batteries at a very fast rate, and nothing is worse than the batteries dying mid-game. So the XP300 uses a rechargeable LiPo battery that can last up to 15 hours per charge (1000mAh), and you can even recharge it using a 12 ft. USB charging cable, so you can continue playing and recharge the batteries at the same time.

What kind of testing goes into your Turtle Beach Headphones?

We use both industry standard and proprietary testing as our goal is to deliver the highest quality standard in performance.

How hard was it to get such great sound using Wireless?

We have been making headsets for a long time, so great sound is a standard factor for us across our portfolio. The engineering required to make a headset sound good isn’t a nice to have for us, it is a basic requirement. Getting high-quality sound in a wireless device also requires a strong signal and fast processing, both of which the XP300 delivers.

What does it take to go from Idea to Reality?

When a headset is first conceived we have to consider its place within the market. Turtle Beach’s founders placed a great deal of importance in creating feature sets that went above and beyond what the consumer anticipated and we are very proud to continue that legacy in future products by determining what products consumers want before they know it themselves.

How many people does it take to build a headset(From design to Manufacturing)?

It depends on the product, but it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 people to build a headset from design to manufacturing.

Is there anything you want to tell our readers?

Composers and sound designers put a tremendous amount of effort into the audio in video games — everything from incredibly realistic sound effects to music so strong that a video game score was just nominated for a Grammy.  Yet most entry-players listen to audio out of cheap television speakers. When you do that you are really missing out on the full experience. The home theater audio seems only to be getting worse, as manufacturers cut corners on quality in order to hide speakers from view. In many multiplayer games you are even putting yourself at a competitive disadvantage if you can’t hear directional sound and small audio cues. Many gamers also play without chat and miss out on the gameplay and social benefits of collaborative gaming. With gaming headsets you get the full benefit of fantastic, immersive sound for less than $300.  With Turtle Beach, you get a headset designed by gamers for gamers, backed by our passion for audio and our experience as the pioneers and leaders in the gaming headset category. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, no matter what your budget is, there are great benefits to headset use and there’s a Turtle Beach headset out there that’s just right for you.

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