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the hat

Okay, let’s start off by saying that we have no ill-will against the product & we wish it all success possible. With that, on to the actual review.

The Hi-head is described as being

hi-Head is much more than just a hat. In fact, it incorporates removable high performance speakers that allow you to listen to your favorite music at all times. Further a hands-free function for you cellular phone is included, so you can have a conversation with you friends without getting cold and look stylish while doing it.”

Now with that being said, let us examine each “fact” listed here. We’ll break it down even more into a “Pro’s” and “Con’s” list to further simplify things.


To be honest, there isn’t much to toss down here… The beanie itself is actually a great beanie, very warm and comfortable with plenty of head room (Or hair). The headphone part itself is easily removed for wearing without, washing, etc.


Unfortunately this list is slightly bigger, more than a few issues. For starters it’s uncomfortable. The headphone cord goes into the beanie in the back, leaving this thick cord dangling against the back of your head & neck. Second, the headphones themselves are completely terrible, not “high quality” as described. Now this may have been a simple design flaw for this particular set, I don’t know.  And finally, when plugged-in to the device I had to keep the cord in a particular position or the audio would completely blank out. Any motion and there was nothing but static.


All in all, I love the beanie. I’m a super fan of beanies, wear them pretty much every day. I’m also a fan of great electronics, so I had high hopes for this item and while my expectations were met in regards to the beanie, sadly they were not for the headphones. I personally wouldn’t recommend these but I hope that they improve upon the existing design as it’s a fairly awesome idea.

You can view the product along with their other items here. Hi-Fun.com, Hi-Head Beanie

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